Sweepstakes Package

A sweepstakes offer gets your envelope opened.  Exciting prices can entice people both to enter and to make a gift to your cause. Our sweepstakes packages have increased results for several charities.  We can do not only the printing, but assist with the back-end fulfillment for prizes and recognition.

Digital Poster Package

The power of digital presses allows you to customize each piece in ways that traditional printing can only dream about. A great example of this is with digital posts. You can personalize: Multiple colors Any fonts Any angles White or black text over customized images And more You can also get substantial cost savings by …

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Cloth Package

The cloth package has worked well with religious, veterans, humanitarian, and museum nonprofits. The donor receives the cloth and is asked to sign their name and a note, then return it with a donation. These 3″ square cloth patches can be made into flags, quilts, banners, tablecloths, or blankets. These then are displayed on special …

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Notepad Package

This package is immediately appealing because of the thickness of the envelope. The envelope can also include an image of the personalized notepad, a double window, or a printed teaser message. These notepads are often included with personalized labels under the reply form. This package triggers a desire for reciprocity where the donor wishes to …

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Candle Package

A wax seal is affixed to the appeal letter. The donor is asked to return the wax seal to the organization so it can be made into a large candle. This candle would then be lit at a particular, significant time. Every one wants to be a part of something large than themselves. While they …

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Rose Package

Rose Package

A small rosette is affixed to the appeal letter and the donor is asked to return the rosette with their gift. When returned, the rosettes are used to create a wreath, flag, grave marker, or whatever has a link to your organization. The donors feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. A …

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